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The rules required air ticket booking form.

- Specify the departure and arrival city.

- If you want to know the cost of air fares round-trip back to "please a departure date
and date of return.

- In the field further by specifying passport details of all passengers:
name, date
birth, passport number, nationality,
date of expiration of the passport.

Travel agency "Pallada-Aviatour"

Central office:
Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol
Nakhimov Square, 1 (The House of Moscow)
Travel agency "Pallada-Aviatour"
Tel. +38 (0692) 55-00-11 (air ticket office)
Tel./fax +38 (0692) 55-00-12 (tour department)

Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol
Roza Luksemburg Street, 7 (Hotel "Ukraina"),
Office 119
Tel. +38 (0652) 701-359 (air ticket office)
Tel./fax +38 (0652) 700-230 (tour department)