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Cooperation c Travel Agents PALLADA-AVIATUR

Learn how to offer and conditions of cooperation with the Travel Agents PALLADA-AVIATUR..

Agreement on Provision of travel services

The Treaty on tourist travel booking

Our documents

Air services sale Certificate of State Aviation Administration of Ukrainе

State registration Certificate

License of State Tourism Administration of Ukraine

Tel. +38 (0692) 55-00-11
+38 (0652) 70-13-59
ICQ: 424-845-853
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Travel agency "Pallada-Aviatour"

Central office:
Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol
Nakhimov Square, 1 (The House of Moscow)
Travel agency "Pallada-Aviatour"
Tel. +38 (0692) 55-00-11 (air ticket office)
Tel./fax +38 (0692) 55-00-12 (tour department)

Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol
Roza Luksemburg Street, 7 (Hotel "Ukraina"),
Office 119
Tel. +38 (0652) 701-359 (air ticket office)
Tel./fax +38 (0652) 700-230 (tour department)